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Marni has been shooting for over 20 years.  From campaigns for Cover Girl to the personal portrait shoot, which put her in high demand in NYC, where it all began.  Marni loves capturing the beauty in everything she sees.  At 14 years old, she took over the hallway closet next to the kitchen, which the family named her "office".  The shelves were lined with Ford's "book" of the season's models, countless magazines and loads of test shoots of kids from school and in the neighborhood.  Eventually, Marni was a signed model, herself, and traveled internationally with Ford Models.


Now based in Los Angeles, she travels frequently to both coasts and to London, her favorite “coast”.  Also a model scout since 2007, Marni has had offers and made placements of the model diamonds she finds with the biggest and most profoundly successful agencies, including: Elite, IMG, Wilhelmina, Next, Click, LA models, Joy (Italy) and Louisa (Germany), amongst many others. With offices on both coasts, she offers career, life-long support to the models and their families and even at times, travels with her new faces.  A perfect combination for a mother agent, Marni's unending support, strong editorial photography eye and terrific team have helped catapult models to signings within a day, all over the globe.  She strives to foster and nurture talent, individually.  As a former Cover Girl model, herself,  Marni learned all about what it feels like to be in front of the camera and in a unique industry, which gives her particular insight and empathy, helping to steer girls towards the healthiest career path possible. 

Her biggest pleasure from forming relationships and assisting in the careers of the men and women she scouts is the possibility of breaking boundaries, stretching what others consider "the norm", and making the world a better place


Marni also writes Pop music under different monikers, and has been signed two major labels, enjoys downtime with her cat, Cappone, and is a vegetarian.

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